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Indy Hall @Home Membership

Break up the monotony of your online workday and find a sense of community among friendly, creative, and independently-minded professionals. Please read our Code of Conduct.

What's included

  • Safe, Private Chat & Discussion List to connect with like-minded, helpful, passionate people around the world

  • Quiet Video + Text-Only Coworking to help you stay productive and motivated on your work

  • Daily and weekly members-only events for learning, sharing, and feeling a sense of connection

  • Encouragement & structure wherever you are, and whenever you need it the most

  • Get unstuck or learn nearly anything you want to learn about through our skill sharing community #Indyskills

  • Keep control your attention and customize your notification settings in every tool and platform that we use

$39/month USD

Or prepay 6 months & get a bonus month free!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Indy Hall @ Home membership is month-to-month so our agreement does not require a long-term commitment, but we do offer incentives for pre-paying 6 and 12 months in advance!

What payment methods can I use to join?

We accept all major credit cards for our monthly memberships.

Our secure membership portal automatically charges your membership every month on the same day that you joined.

If you (or your employer) prefers to pay with a check or ACH transfer, please email

Do you have any financial assistance options?

You bet we do. Accessibility is one of our core values, and we never want a short-term financial limitation to be the reason someone can’t be a part of our community.

This is extra true now, when so many people need a sense of community and support more than ever. That includes BIPOC and other marginalized communities who are disproportionatly impacted by COVID.

Thanks to some generous and anonymous contributors from our community, we have a limited number of completely free memberships available as equity access scholarships, by request.

So if you are struggling with isolation and finances during the COVID lockdown and recovery, we want to help.

To learn more about how to get a free membership from our Opportunity Fund, email us.